Cire Trudon

You may have heard of or even bought some of  Cire Trudon's famous candles, but have you had a chance to visit their store in the 6th arrondissment (78, rue de Seine, 75006)?  It is always a special treat for me to visit Cire Trudon in Paris.

Just like their amazing candles, the decor of the store is classic and timeless with its antique cloches and vintage wallpaper.


Founded in 1643, Cire Trudon claims to be the oldest wax manufacturer in the world. The store's illustrious history includes not only providing candles for Marie Antoinette, but for the set of Sofia Coppola's Hollywood version of Marie Antoinette.


One of my favorite gifts to bring back from Paris is one of their colored pillar candles with a cameo and their oversized match boxes illustrated by the British painter and illustrator Lawrence Mynott.


The store has lovely displays with the candles changing colors each season making it worth it to visit it more than just once.



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