Fabien Breuvart Images & Portraits

A while ago, I mentioned the variety of delicious food and dining options available at Le Marché des Enfants Rouge in the 3rd arrondissement (see post here). Each time I have visited the marché, I must have been really hungry because I never noticed the photography shop of Fabien Breuvart. It literally backs up to the marché. It is a shop that specializes in vintage photography and portrait services.


They have hundreds (if not thousands) of photographs in the store and I found most of them to be reasonably priced (under 100€).




But I had the most fun going through their bins of bargain priced photographs (under 5€) in the back of the store. I found some great photographs of Paris that I will give as gifts to the fellow Francophiles in my life.


P.S. You can access the back of the store through the marché or the front of it via the street at 35-37 rue Charlot, 75003.

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