Galette de Rois (Kings Cake)

Whether we are in France or not, one of my family's favorite traditions at this time of year is to share a galette de rois (kings cake). These cakes are typically sold in French bakeries in late December and several weeks of January to celebrate the Epiphany. There are several types of galettes made throughout France, but in Paris you often find a layered puff pastry with almond cream and a trinket (une fève) buried deep within it. Most of the cakes are topped with a gold paper crown that is used to anoint the person who finds la fève as king for the day. It is always fun for us to see who ends up with la fève. Each year I have high aspirations to make my own galette de rois, but I always end up buying one from a local bakery. I did just happen to notice that David Lebovitz has published a recipe for it (here). Maybe next year, I will give it a try.

P.S. If you would like to buy une fève, you can usually find these porcelain charms at French flea markets.  

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