La Tagueuse Élégante aka Catharine Cary

I recently received an email from the folks at Baby & Company that they would be hosting an installation by a Paris tagger. Now, you don't have to twist my arm too much to visit Baby & Company. It is a cool boutique in downtown Seattle that has unique clothing and accessories for both men and women. An art installation with a French tagger sounded très intéressant and had me ready to head downtown right away. I wasn't completely sure who the tagger was, but my friend Lisa Cole had not surprisingly got the scoop (check out her article for Vanguard Seattle).

The tagger is actually Catherine Cary otherwise known as "la tagueuse élégante".  She is a graffiti artist and painter originally from America, who is now based in Paris.  Like a true graffiti artist she tags illegally, but also legally for clients as well-known as Balenciaga and Paul Smith. Seattle was lucky enough to get a bit of  "la tagueuse élégante" for three days last week when Baby & Company invited Catherine to tag their store with words of love, fashion and style.


Image of La Tagueuse Élégante aka Catharine Cary via Lisa Cole

Baby & Company asked their customers and staff to provide some of the inspiration for the installation. When I arrived at the store, they asked me what I wanted Catherine to tag for me. I hesitated a bit and then the obvious came to me..."we will always have Paris."




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