As I mentioned here, I recently stopped by the City of Paris' (the "Mairie de Paris") new concept store (Paris Rendez -Vous). In celebration of the new store, there is an exhibition of THE PARISIANER through July 19, 2014 in the gallery space of Paris Rendez-Vous. THE PARISIANER was the brainchild of Aurélie Pollet, an illustrator and Michael Prigent, a graphic designer who together wondered what a French version of the New Yorker magazine might look like. They asked 100 artists to create imaginary magazine covers that would convey their vision of Paris in the same vein of the New Yorker and THE PARISIANER was born. The covers show the many dimensions of Paris with some that are serious, others that are poignant and even a few that poke fun. But they all ultimately pay tribute to the City of Light.

Although the exhibition will be over soon, you can buy prints of the covers at Merci through the end of the summer. A book with the collection is also available at bookstores in France (as seen here). Fingers crossed the book becomes available in other countries soon.

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