I am counting down the days until I get back to Paris and am able to make a stop at Poilâne, the legendary French boulangerie.

My favorite shop is at 8, rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006 where the bakery actually started in 1932. It now includes five locations with three in Paris and the others in London (see list here).
Two of the bakeries in Paris have expanded to include a restaurant (Cusine de Bar) where you can enjoy a tartine (open-faced sandwich) on the famous Poilâne bread as well as a salad and a drink of your choice for a very reasonable price (see list here).
I can't wait to order the tartine au thon (tuna) with a glass of their house white wine and I will be sure to save room for some of their butter cookies (punitions) from the bakery next door.


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