Roasted Chicken and Potatoes

One of my family's favorite dinners when we are in Paris is roasted chicken and potatoes from a local boucherie (butcher). The roasting starts early in the day, so there is plenty of time for the drippings from the chicken to drench the potatoes that are cooking below. Sounds delicious, right?

If you are staying in an apartment, I highly recommend this easy and economical dinner option. Or, if you are staying in a hotel, why not pick up some cutlery from a nearby grocery store and have a picnic. Although most marchés (fresh food markets) sell roasted chickens, we have found them to be more expensive than from a boucherie. Here is a list of the top ten boucheries in Paris. The article is in French, but the addresses are listed below the descriptions. Bon appétit!

roasted chicken2

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