SoPi (South Pigalle)

There is a lot going on in the SoPi neighborhood of Paris (otherwise known as South Pigalle). Have you heard about SoPi? I didn't know much about it until a couple summers ago when I made a visit to the Musée de la Vie Romantique in the 9th arrondissement. After a visit to the museum, I decided to wander around the area a bit. My oh my! I found fun restaurants, shops and even a pretty park. And, every time I have gone back, there seems to be another new restaurant or shop. I am not sure if there are official boundaries for SoPi, but I think a lot of the action can be found just south of the Pigalle metro stop to just north of the Saint-Georges metro stop (see map). From east to west, I think the area is concentrated between two of my favorite streets (rue Henry Monnier and rue des Martyrs). Check in later this week, I will share some of my notes on things to do and see in SoPi.



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