l’objet qui parle – part II

As promised, I am back today to share more photos of one of my favorite brocantes (vintage store) of home décor in Paris. Yesterday, I mentioned that l'objet qui parle, 86 rue des Martyrs, 75018 has a treasure trove of glass cloches. But there is so much more packed into this tiny space. The shelves are not just haphazardly stocked. Instead they are filled with objects that are placed to create vignettes that tell a story. Which perhaps is the intention of the owners given the fact that “l’objet qui parle” translates to “the object who speaks”.


I could go on and on about the store as it is truly special. Take a look my photos and I hope you will think the same about it. Fair warning! I found taxidermy to be somewhat of an art form in France (as you might gather from the photos).




P.S. I mentioned in my post about the store on Tuesday that the hours are a bit unpredictable. The listed hours are 1:00pm to 7:30pm from Monday to Saturday. If you find the store is closed during these hours, you might call the cell phone number that I found on the business card. Someone may be able to meet you without too much of a wait at the store. The number listed is (local) or +33 6 0967 0530 (international). No website at this time.

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