Petit Pan

This colorful window display of Petit Pan Maison & Décor caught the attention of my daughter and I while we were wandering around in the Marais. We found their store filled with not only décor for the home, but also accessories like a turquoise corduroy duffel bag with an orange zipper that my daughter thought would be perfect for her sport clothes.

Right next door to the home store, we found Petit Pan’s children’s store (Petit Pan Bébé & Enfant). It was stocked with blankets, bibs, booties and more in the same brightly colored fabrics we had seen in the home store.


Crossing the street, we discovered their craft store (Petit Pan Mercerie). This store was filled with all sorts of buttons, beads and fabrics in even more colors and prints.


We bought two different pieces of printed oil-cloth with coordinating cotton trim and plan to make some bibs for the special babies in our life.


Petit Pan was started in Paris by Myriam de Loor and Pan Gang in 2003 after the couple received an handmade outfit from Pan’s grandmother in China for their new baby, Emile. The outfit inspired the couple to create a line that mixed a French sense of style with an Asian flair.


To see how Myriam and Pan incorporate this French-Asian aesthetic into their everyday life, check out these photos of their apartment here. Don’t you love their floor to ceiling shelves filled with craft supplies?

Petit Pan also has stores in 7th, 12th and 18th arrondissements. If you aren’t able to visit their stores in person, check out their online shop and their blog for some great DIY ideas.

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